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Readers Retain Less When Using E-Readers Compared to Paper Books

Readers Retain Less When Using E-Readers Compared to Paper Books

It appears that critics of e-readers have more to add to their critiques aside from battery life and aesthetics. During the summer, a study was presented at a conference in Italy which found that readers using a Kindle recalled events in a mystery story significantly worse than readers using paperback books.

The study split 50 total readers into a Kindle group and a paperback group. The groups…

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Tutoring Centers and Private Tutors: Good or Bad?

Tutoring Centers and Private Tutors: Good or Bad?

Tutoring centers and private tutors are both options to help struggling students or those seeking extra attention. But which is better? The debate has gone on for years, and at the end of the day it comes down to what is best for each individual student. Here we will examine the advantages and disadvantages of both options in the hopes of helping you decide what is best for your specific…

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Philadelphia Students Walk Out In Defense of Teachers Union

Philadelphia Students Walk Out In Defense of Teachers Union

On Wednesday October 8th, hundreds of Philadelphia high school students from at least two high schools walked out of classes in protest of a recent cancellation of labor agreements with the teachers’ union.

The cancellation occurred early Monday morning in a rushed 17-minute meeting when the Philadelphia School Reform Commission, a state agencythat has taken the place of a school board for nearly…

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The Best Apps For Teaching Geography

The Best Apps For Teaching Geography

One of the benefits brought to us by digital technology is the potential to supplement traditional learning practices with visual representations. This is very advantageous for visual learners who struggle to memorize data or who have to physically see things firsthand in order to remember them. One subject that benefits from the advances in visual education mediums is geography. As the study of…

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Educational App ScratchJr Makes Programming So Easy a Kindergartner Can Do It

Educational App ScratchJr Makes Programming So Easy a Kindergartner Can Do It

Researchers at the MIT Media Lab, Tufts University, and Playful Invention Company have designed ScratchJr, an iPad app designed to teach the basic principles behind coding languages to very young children.

ScratchJr’s main audience is students as young as 5–7 years old, common ages for Kindergarten students. The app allows users to join a wide variety of programming “blocks” together to form…

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Is Now Really a Great Time to Apply to Law School?

Is Now Really a Great Time to Apply to Law School?

With college tuition fees on the rise, and the rate of unemployment still looking dismal for new grads, law school hasn’t held as much appeal in recent years as it has in years past. Student loans, the American job market, and other factors have deterred many students from applying to law school after receiving their undergraduate degree, but some believe that this trend is changing.

Earlier this…

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Junior Colleges: Pros and Cons

Junior Colleges: Pros and Cons

Community colleges are often viewed as second-rate, low quality, and inferior to universities in every way—but how much of this is true? Community college, sometimes called junior college, is not what it used to be. In fact, many students who studied and earned degrees from junior colleges lead successful lives and have fulfilling careers. Let’s examine the pros and cons of attending a community…

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Conservative Activists Call New AP History Course ‘Anti-American’

The national controversy over history courses continues. While students in Denver protest changes to their history curriculum by a conservative-led school board, conservative activists are voicing concern about the new Advanced Placement US History (APUSH) course, calling it ‘anti-American.’

The Associated Pressreports that the College Board official who leads the AP program told education…

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Denver Students Protest Proposal to Change History Standards

Denver Students Protest Proposal to Change History Standards

On Wednesday September 24th, nearly 1,000 Denver high school students from several area schools participated in a series of student demonstrations opposing proposed changes to high school history standards by a conservative-led school board.

The demonstration was directed at a plan designed to focus history class materials on topics that promote citizenship, patriotism, respect for authority, and…

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University of Iowa Proposes Three-Year Undergraduate Program

On September 10th, University of Iowa President Sally Mason announced an ambitious proposal to the Iowa Board of Regents that would offer three-year bachelor’s degree programs to Iowa students. These new options would be available to students who would begin their studies at the University of Iowa in the fall of 2015.

According to Lin Larson of Iowa Now, the university’s newspaper, the three-year…

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