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Mary Idema Pew Library: A Glimpse into a Library of the Future

A Glimpse into a Library of the Future @MaryIdemaLib #library

Experiential and collaborative learning is a new trend in the field of education, which aims to provide a more engaging hands-on experience for students. As this pedagogy has gained popularity, it has become clear that new spaces are needed to encourage a culture of experimentation and collaboration in academic pursuits. The Mary Idema Pew Library, a state-of-the-art $65 million library, is a…

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The Debate on STEM Education

The Debate on STEM Education

Educators and lawmakers are always looking for ways to improve the education system, and lately those improvements have focused on teaching STEM, or science, technology, engineering, and math.  The idea, say policymakers, advocates, and executives, is that more focus on STEM education could lead to closing the achievement gaps between US students and students from other countries, as well as…

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Education Management Corporation Receives Lifeline to Continue

Education Management Corporation Receives Lifeline to Continue

Education Management Corporation, also known as EDMC, has a lineup of schools that includes Argosy University, Brown Mackie College and The Art Institutes. As of January 2013, EDMC operated 110 for profit colleges and universitiesin 32 U.S. states as well as in Canada. EDMC colleges currently enroll over 125,00 students, and have a collective mission of providing competitive, career-focused…

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Common Core Standards Pit Politics Against Education

Common Core Standards Pit Politics Against Education

Virginia GOP Governor Bobby Jindal is suing the Obama administration over the recently-rolled-out Common Core standards for math and reading.  Jindal says Washington is illegally manipulating grant money and regulations to the tune of $4.3 billion to force states to accept the supposedly voluntary curriculum.

First conceived in 2009, Common Core hopes to help students become more college and…

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Israeli Schools Set to Begin September 1

#Israeli Schools Set to Begin September 1 #education

The school year in Israel is set to begin September 1 despite unfortified buildings and continued civil unrest, said Education Minister Shai Piron.  About two million students of all ages are registered, and almost 165,000 teachers and educators are set to open schools with a special focus for the first week on tolerance and ways to avoid the discrimination, racism, and violence that plague the…

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Should All Kids Receive a Trophy in Sports? 57% Say No

A recent poll by Reason-Rupe found that 57% of Americans feel that only children who win should receive a trophy, instead of everyone receiving one for participating. 40% felt that every child should receive one.

Gender, race and ethic differences also come to light with an “every child gets a trophy” mindset. Women are more likely than men to say all kids should get an award (44 to 35 percent).…

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Prep for Prep

Our latest #educational profile @prep_for_prep a great org that supports children into college! Read more!

Prep for Prepwas established in 1978, and selects New York City’s most promising students of color and prepares them for placement into top independent schools. For the past thirty years, 150 low-income New York fifth-and-seventh grade children are selected from a public school and placed into a fourteen-month preparation course, as well as given a full scholarship for top schools such as…

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Could TV Be Good for Kids After All?

It may be a leap to dispute the American Academy of Pediatrics’s recommendation for zero TV-watching (or any media use) for kids younger than two, but surprisingly, there are a variety of studies showing that educational TV can have a positive impact on kids preschool-aged and above.  Even the AAP suggests that an hour of TV for this age group is okay, as long as it involves “high-quality…

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United Way Champions Kids and the Educators Who Work With Them

@Unitedway Champions Kids and the #Educators Who Work With Them

In 2008, United Waylaunched its initiative to cut by half the number of students who drop out of high school through 2018.  In order to achieve this, they focus on literacy and preparing students for success.  United Way’s focus areas include helping children enter school ready to learn, supporting reading proficiency by fourth grade, helping students transition to middle school, and encouraging…

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Making Space: Combining Maker Space and Learning

Making Space: Combining Maker Space and Learning #makerspace

Hands-on, experiential learning can be a great way to involve students of all ages in something that goes beyond the traditional classroom set-up.  With the growing popularity of maker spaces—places specifically geared toward providing the community with technology, tools, and a social environment in which to experiment—it’s easier than ever to help students of all ages engage in a vibrant way to…

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